Testers Vs Developers

Friday, December 31, 2010

Testers Vs Developers

Often a battle of many rounds, the tester is seen as the anti-developer, with the developer standing for creation and the tester the destroyer of the developers work. The smart developers realize that the tester is there to enhance the impression given by the developer. 

When code goes live and the volume of bugs is minimal with positive user experience, it is the tester that is thanked for their diligence,  and obviously the developer is thanked for their fantastic software.

Tester Testing / Developer Testing
Nature of job changes the mode of thinking and hence testers think in different mode than the developers. Developer always wants to see his code working properly. So he will test it to check if it’s working correctly.  And tester tests application to make it fail in any way, and smart tester surely will test how application is not working correctly. This is the main difference in developer testing and tester testing.

This can be a big debate. Developers testing their own code – what will be the testing output? All happy endings! Yes, the person who develops the code generally sees only happy paths of the product and don’t want to go in much details.
Optimistic Developers 
Yes, I wrote the code and I am confident it’s working properly. No need to test this path, no need to test that path, as I know it’s working properly. And right here developers skip the bugs.

Testers The Troublemakers 

It’s funny, how almost everywhere developers consider testers as the troublemakers. Actually it’s not their fault, no one like to hear faults in his/her own baby. And same thing which  the testers  are doing, of course intention behind that is to deliver quality output to client. Constantly there is bitterness at some point in the game between these two roles. Wonder why? It’s the genre and responsibility of these two roles.

Argument / Dis-argument
Some times testers get this comment for any bug by developers "I do not think that this is a bug, user is not going to use the feature in this manner". That time developers should realize that tester is also a user, and at least one user/tester is there to use the feature in that manner.  Good testers think about the most of the possible way (Test Cases)  of users. And no one can say that when any other user is going to use the feature in the same manner. So, at that time testers should also explain the severity of the bugs logically. 



  1. Great!

    Developers test as 2+2=4 while testers test as 2+2=4 true & also 2+2=22 false.

    Ya..this can be a big debate.

  2. When I was a developer sometime I consider testers as troublemakers...but now I m doing testing and realize how I m searching bugs for improvement not for trouble.

    Thanks for writing this blog.

  3. Both the developers and testers are complement to each other to develop a bugs free software.

  4. To develop bug free software and good quality testing is neccessary.I m a developer and i also know the role of testers, which is neccessary

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  6. Thanks for adding videos about software testing...these are very helpful...Thanks.

  7. Very informative blog... thanks!

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